Sod Installation

Sometimes, the simplest way to improve your yard is by installing a new lawn. We use only top-quality sod that comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can be assured that the job will be done right.  Most lawns can be transformed in less than a week.

Installing new sod can be a simple and affordable way to provide instant “curb appeal” to your property. It is virtualy weed-free, and takes much less time to establish than seed.  We use only the best sod that comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can be assured that you’re getting a new lawn that will last for years to come.

After Sod Installation

Sod installation involves the following:

Soil preparation– First we rototill the existing lawn area and remove all of the old lawn and weeds. Then, we apply soil amendments such as compost or gypsum to ensure that the soil has the proper nutrients to support your new lawn. Next, we carefully rake, smooth, and re-grade the surface for proper contour and drainage. We then remove any additional debris such as rocks, roots, and weeds. Finally, we compact the surface using a lawn roller to ensure the soil is firm, graded properly and ready for your new sod.

Sod Installation– Before we lay the sod, we apply a starter fertilizer to provide added nutrients for the roots to establish themselves. Once your new sod is delivered, we install it immediately, carefully watering it periodically, pinching together the seams and cutting any edges and borders to the shape of your new yard. We finish up by rolling the surface again to ensure that the roots are in contact with the soil.

Watering/ Follow-up– We program your irrigation system to water the new lawn sufficiently (based on seasonal conditions) in the first few weeks and check on it periodically to ensure that the new lawn establishes itself without any problems.

Maintenance- As an additional service, we also offer regularly-scheduled maintenance to care for your new lawn so you don’t have to.